Funding and Promoting

Are you looking for junior specialists and would like to support them in their studies and introduce them to your company? We offer you several possibilities for cooperation.

Become a Sponsor

DeutschlandstipendiumThe Scholarship “Deutschlandstipendium” is a great opportunity for private sponsors to financially support particularly active and successful students. This is intended to create additional scope for study. While the cooperation also gives the scholarship holders the advantage of being able to get a taste of a company before completing their studies, the close contact with the students already during their studies gives the company the chance to find a potential specialist or manager of tomorrow.

We would be delighted if you were interested in joining the circle of sponsors and would like to encourage you to seek detailed advice on the scholarship program. Read more.

Promoting Careers and Career Entry

With your support, we can ensure the training of the next generation of academic specialists. These are just a few of our ideas and suggestions for cooperation:

  • Participation in the biannual career fair ORTE
  • Job offers
  • Freiberger Career Talks

The contact person for cooperation is the Career Centerof the university.

Contact to Graduates

  • ALUMNI-Network “FAN” of TU Bergakademie

Contact persons are the members of the FAN network.