Life in the university city

When looking for a university course, many young people today tend to be attracted to large cities like Leipzig or Dresden. But the university town of Freiberg is not far from these two large cities - exactly between Dresden and Chemnitz. 

With its 40,000 inhabitants, Freiberg belongs to the small town category, but that is precisely what gives it its special flair. Short distances to the lecture halls, low rents and numerous cultural and leisure activities make life in the university town attractive. For example, the city offers a cinema, museums, bars, cafés and restaurants in addition to the Central Saxon theatre (Mittelsächsisches Theater). And should you ever want to go to Dresden, the state capital can be reached in only 45 minutes by train or car thanks to the good transport connections. The Saxon cities of Dresden and Leipzig with their international airports can be reached quickly via the nearby highways 4 and 14. Only about 35 km from the Czech border, Freiberg is also a gateway to Eastern Europe.

Freiberg also offers attractive career opportunities for our graduates with its university, the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology and as a technology and geomontan location in the field of semiconductor production and solar technology.

360 degree tour of the university town of Freiberg

Image film of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg


metallic particles
FINEST project selected in the Helmholtz Association's sustainability challenge. Industrial processes are inevitably associated with the generation of fine-grained residues. These rarely find re-entry into the industrial value chain. … weiterlesen

Wissenschaftler und Wissenschaftlerin an der Versuchsanlage unter Tage
The Audi Environmental Foundation has joined forces with TU Bergakademie Freiberg to research new ways of mining high-tech elements. These metals and so-called rare earths are indispensable for modern technologies such as fiber optics, photovoltaics, and semiconductors. … weiterlesen

group of international students overlooking the city, viewed from their backs
Practising conversation skills in German, getting your thesis or letter of motivation proofread: International students can count on the support of volunteers thanks to an initiative by the University’s International Office. … weiterlesen

group of students following instructions
It is the sporting highlight of the year: the Unisport Olympiad. In seven university championships and the big team challenge, numerous athletes from the TU Freiberg competed against each other. A colorful supporting program rounded off the event for all spectators. … weiterlesen

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